RHRJ Steering Committee and Advisors

RHRJ Certificate Advisors

Amherst College

Sheila Jaswal, Chemistry, Biochemistry-Biophysics                                                     
Jen Manion, History, Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies
Leah Schmalzbauer, American Studies, Sociology

Hampshire College

Michele Hardesty, Humanities and Arts, U.S. Literatures and Cultural Studies

Mount Holyoke College

Cora Fernandez Anderson, Politics
Liz Markovits, Politics

Smith College

Carrie Baker, Study of Women and Gender
Leslie King, Sociology

UMass Amherst

Laura Briggs, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Aline Gubrium, Public Health
Betsy Krause, Anthropology
Kirsten Leng, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies 
Jennifer L. Nye, History
Svati Shah, Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
Favorite Iradukunda, Nursing


RHRJ Steering Committee

The Steering Committee consists of one representative from each of the Five Colleges, Collective Power for Reproductive Justice and the Five College Women’s Studies Research Center.

Steering Committee Co-Chairs
Jennifer L. Nye, History, UMass
Cora Fernandez Anderson, Comparative and Reproductive Politics, Mt. Holyoke College

Steering Committee Members
Amrita Basu, Political Science, Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies, Amherst College
Carrie Baker, Study of Women and Gender, Smith College
Marisa Pizzi, Deputy Director, Collective Power for Reproductive Justice
Jacquelyne Luce, Gender Studies, Mount Holyoke College, and Hampshire College rep