Insurance Coverage for Faculty/Staff

AIG/Travel Guard

The College provides a comprehensive Travel Accident and Assistance program to all Faculty and Staff traveling on College sponsored business. This program is offered through AIG/Travel Guard. Please see our AIG/Travel Guard program page as well as the AIG/Travel Guard website for more information about coverage and the services provided.

Medical Evacuation/Repatriation

All faculty and staff traveling on college trips (Amherst, Five Colleges, Inc., Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith) automatically have Medical Evacuation and Repatriation through AIG/Travel Guard Insurance. Medical Evacuation plans provide assistance in the event that you become seriously ill or injured while traveling. These plans provide emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate care facility or, with some plans, to your hospital of choice. Repatriation means medically assisted travel to a medical facility in your home country or repatriation of mortal remains.

Health Insurance

Check with your healthcare provider for the terms and conditions of your health care insurance while you are traveling abroad. Some policies may be limited to emergency services only, and/or may have limitation on filing claims. Trip insurance may provide a useful buffer if your coverage is limited.

If you are injured abroad while conducting your work duties, you are eligible for Workers’ Compensation Insurance. However, you must report the injury promptly and work with the College’s Human Resources Specialist in documenting the injury and all related expenses. Failure to comply with the College’s policies may result in a denial of coverage. Please note that travelling on business does not mean that you are covered by workers’ compensation insurance when you are not working. Injuries sustained during leisure activities or personal time are covered by your health insurance.

Personal Property

Your personal property such as clothes, jewelry, books, or computers may be covered by a homeowners or renters policy. If not, there are other options available:

The College does not insure any employee’s personal property.

Trip/Itinerary Cancellation

Trip cancellation is pre-departure coverage that reimburses you (up to the covered amount) for prepaid non refundable trip costs if you have to cancel your trip for a covered reason. While each plan defines what its trip cancellation benefit covers, the following are common reasons for trip cancellations: injury or illness, weather or natural disaster, labor strike, and/or other scheduled conflicts. Resources for this type of coverage can include:

  • Trip cancellation plan ( i.e.,
  • Your credit card company (highly limited coverage)

General LIability (Personal Liability)

General Liability or personal liability insurance provides coverage for an employee when s/he commits an accidental (not expected or intended) negligent act that results in bodily injury or property damage to a third party. If a covered accident occurs in an employment context, the college may provide coverage. Some countries require liability insurance for every resident. Resources include:

  • Homeowners’ or tenants’ insurance policy
  • Other insurance plan (i.e., CSI Insurance)
  • College insurance
  • The institution abroad with which you are affiliated (if applicable)

Driving abroad

Students are not permitted to drive rental vehicles abroad, even if they are credentialed to drive for the College.

Faculty and staff may rent vehicles, but should purchase insurance from the rental car company directly in the maximum amounts offered for both liability and physical damage. The College carries excess coverage over the amounts purchased locally. 

Additional Resources for Faculty/Staff