Travel Accident & Assistance

Travel Accident Coverage

A Travel Accident Insurance Policy has been negotiated on behalf of the members in the Five College Risk Management Program. The coverage is the same for all member institutions, and is used to cover catastrophic injuries (such as death, dismemberment, loss of sight or hearing, and similar catastrophic losses) with very limited benefits. Benefits are in addition to any other benefits that may be available, including Workers Compensation, Life Insurance or health insurance. Separate coverage has been arranged under the same policy for employees traveling on college business and students traveling on school activities. Click below to see the coverage summary for your group:

Faculty & Staff Coverage

Student Coverage

Travel Assistance Services

Travel Assistance Services are included as part of the Travel Accident coverage. Many services are provided free of charge (such as arranging for translation services), however the only services for which expenses are covered are medical evacuation or repatriation of remains up to $250,000 respectively. All other costs are managed using the traveler's own financial resources.

If you need medical evacuation coverage, it is essential to contact the insurance company:

AIG Benefits Travel Assist Services
1.877.244.6871 (within the U.S.)
+1.715.346.0859 Collect/Reverse Charge (outside the U.S.)

Insured Group: Five Colleges, Inc.
Policy#: 9125324

Expenses incurred without insurer approval may be denied. Also contact the Office of Compliance and Risk Management as soon as possible so that any other coverage available may be coordinated on your behalf.

Travel Accident Brochure (PDF)

Quantities of travel accident sheets/brochures are available on request from the Risk Management Office.

For details on Travel Assistance (PDF).

Other Travel Related Policies, Insurance Coverage, and Assistance

International Travel

Persons traveling abroad who purchase trip insurance may also have other travel assist services offered as part of that policy. If coverage is needed, contact both companies, and request that they coordinate coverage.

The College’s foreign liability insurance policy also provides coverage for employees for excess medical evacuation coverage for employees who are injured while working overseas with limits up to $500,000, with limited assistance for one family member up to $5,000. Countries that are the subject of trade or economic sanctions of the US Government are excluded from Coverage.

Trip Insurance

A wide variety of trip and travel insurance is commercially available, either through your travel agent or on the web. It is generally designed to protect against losses caused by trip cancellation, baggage loss, medical and dental emergencies, emergency evacuation, baggage delay, travel delay and accidental death & dismemberment. Some policies may also cover collision on rented vehicles, flight insurance and other losses. You should evaluate the type of travel, locations you are traveling to and other contingencies when deciding to purchase such coverage. Check your College Travel Policy (below) for information on other travel insurance that may apply, including coverage offered under credit cards such as American Express. Also, check to confirm if costs for such insurance will be covered. (AmherstHampshireMount HolyokeSmith

Here are a couple of sites you may want to visit for more information: Insure My and Travel Insurance Review.

Contact the Office of Risk Management if you need Assistance Services or have questions related to Travel Coverage.