Ties that Bind: Honolulu Summer Institute, June 25-July 2, 2023

In this one-week NCTA Summer Institute, 17 participants will explore Chinese, Japanese and Korean culture and history in Honolulu, with the goal of deepening their understanding of the connections between the U.S. and East Asia through the people, places and events found there--both in the past and the present. The institute will feature daily field trips, hands-on cultural experiences, and guided tours by local experts. Topics to be covered will likely include historical events in China, Japan and Korea with a Hawaii connection; where immigrants came from and why; current ties; prominent historical figures; and cultural identity. This institute is ideal for US History, World History and Geography teachers at the secondary level.

Application is open to full-time, in-service K-12 NCTA alumni nationwide, with priority given to educators from the Northeast. Applicants must have completed at least 20 hours of NCTA programming, preferably an introductory multi-session seminar, conducted by one of the seven NCTA national coordinating sites. Participants will be required to complete a series of online pre-departure orientation modules, including readings and online discussion forum responses, in April-May 2023, and a follow-up project to be completed by August 25, 2023.

Funding: Ties that Bind: Honolulu is funded by the Freeman Foundation for the National Consortium for Teaching about Asia at the Five College Center for East Asian Studies. Please read the Program Expenses section in the information and application document for important information.

The summer institute is administered by FCCEAS director Dr. Anne Prescott, director of the Center, and NCTA consultants John Frank and Lynn Parisi. Questions about the summer institute should be directed to Anne at aprescott@fivecolleges.edu; 413-585-3754.

Please download and read the entire information and application document carefully before applying.

Information and application.