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Want to take a dance class on another campus? Here are some class groupings suggested by the Five College Dance faculty.

Connections, choreography by Tatiana Desardouin, Passion Fruit Dance, Fall 2022, photo by Derek Fowles

Featured Fall 23 Dance Courses

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Dance Production

 with Matthew Adelson, Five College Dance Production Manager,  and Guest Professionals from the Field

In this course, students will be introduced to many aspects of dance production practices and techniques which will be presented by the instructor, as well as by guest lecturers sourced from the professional world in the western Massachusetts area and beyond, including New York, Boston, etc. This includes multiple areas of design (lighting, costumes, audio, video and scenery) and issues arising in production management; including budgeting, pre-production planning, scheduling, rehearsal and staff supervision as well as conflict resolution. Additionally, there will be some classes devoted to the larger field of arts management, specifically related to dance presentation and producing. Students will complete an assigned project, based on each topic that is covered.

UMass Dance majors should register for the UMass course DANCE 365. All other Five College students should register for the Hampshire College course HACU 239. The course will take place at Hampshire College on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 to 10:20am.

If you are traveling to Hampshire College for the course, also consider these: 

  • HACU 252 Contemporary Dance Repertory & Performance (MW) with Lailye Weidman at 10:30
  • CSI 128 Choreographies of Protest: African American Social and Performance History (MW) with Amy Jordan at 1:00

Travel Packages Fall 2023

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Amherst College


THDA 125H Craft of Speaking I with Ron Bashford at 11:00am

THDA 120H Beginning/Intermediate Ballet with Ellie Goudie-Averill at 12:30pm



THDA 111 The Language of Movement with JE Kim at 2:00pm

THDA 315H Advanced Contemporary Dance Technique with Jenna Riegel at 4:00pm

THDA 281H Contemporary Repertory with Jenna Riegel at 5:30pm

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Hampshire College


TBD Dance Production with Matthew Adelson at 9:00am

HACU-252 Contemporary Dance Repertory & Performance with Lailye Weidman at 10:30am

CSI-128 Choreographies of Protest: African American Social and Performance History with Amy Jordan at 1:00pm

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Mount Holyoke College


DANCE TBD Breaking with Andres Ramirez at 1:45pm

DANCE 287-01 Rhythmic Analysis with Peter Jones at 3:15pm



DANCE 234 House Dance with Shakia Barron at 1:45pm

DANCE TBD Introduction to Ballet & Modern with Guest Artist at 3:15pm

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Smith College


DAN 222 Intermediate Ballet (MW) with Rodger Blum at 9:25am

DAN 219 Intermediate Contact Improvisation (WF) with Chris Aiken at 10:50am



DAN 241 Scientific Foundations of Dance with Chris Aiken at 10:50am

DAN 215 Intermediate Contemporary Dance with Angie Hauser at 1:10pm


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UMass Amherst


DAN 222 Ballet 3 with Tom Vacanti at 1:25pm

DAN 391D Pointe and Variations (MW) with Tom Vacanti at 2:30pm



DAN 252 Composition 2 with Duane Holland at 11:30am

DAN 197P Hip Hop 1 with Duane Holland at 1:00pm