The daunting complexities of biological phenomena from neurological development to ecosystem carbon fluxes require development of new modeling and analytic approaches. Sorting through potential mechanisms and patterns to develop testable hypotheses requires collaboration between life science investigators and mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists.

Cutting edge life science research increasingly involves such collaborations, but researchers are too often stymied by the different languages of their disciplines. The goal of this program is to create educational structures that help Five College students become scientifically multilingual in fields of life and quantitative sciences by providing the means for each student to trace their own intentional pathway across the disciplines.

The Five College Certificate in Biomathematical Sciences is currently available to students at Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges.  But courses in the program are available to all students enrolled at one of the five campuses through the Five College Course Interchange. Read about how Nicole Del Rosso engaged in Biomath. 

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