Anatomy and Physiology II

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UMass Amherst
Study of structure and function of the following systems: endocrine, digestive, urinary, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Integration and regulation of system function from an applied perspective through clinical applications.
Open to Kinesiology, Nutrition, Nursing, and Public Health majors only. KIN 270 w/ C- This class is reserved for Kinesiology, Nursing, Nutrition and Public Health Majors only. Therefore, if you cannot enroll and want to petition the Instructor for enrollment please do the following:
(1) Go to the Kinesiology office, 110 Totman Building and pick-up a "Course Override Form",
(2) Fill out the form (3) Attach Transcript to course override form and leave them both in the instructor's mailbox, also located in 110 Totman;
(4) If your request is approved, the course will be added to your schedule.

Prerequsites: KIN (270, 3 credit and KIN 271, 1 credit) or KIN 270, 4 credit. If you satisfy the requirements, but are not able to enroll in the class, please contact the department.
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Multiple required components--lab and/or discussion section. To register, submit requests for all components simultaneously.
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Permission is required for interchange registration during all registration periods.
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Anatomy and Physiology II
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01 4.0 Jennifer Gordon TU TH 10:00AM 11:15AM