Lecture Fund

The Five College Lecture Fund annually supports smaller-scale cross-campus initiatives such as lectures, performances, and small exhibitions.

Normally, grants are made for special “one-time” events and not events repeated annually or as part of an ongoing series. All proposals should demonstrate a high degree of cross-campus collaboration and benefit. In accordance with the Statement on Racial Equity & Justice at Five Colleges, Incorporated, events that seek to promote racial equity through their structure and/or content are particularly welcome and may receive special consideration.

Note: The Symposium Fund supports larger-scale cross-campus initiatives.

Lecture Fund

Events must include components that are free and open to the public.

Five College faculty members must be allowed to participate at no cost.

The collaborative nature of the event must be demonstrated by meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  • Faculty members from at least 3 campuses are substantively involved in event planning OR
  • Events are sited on at least 2 campuses OR
  • Event has received financial/in-kind contributions from at least 3 campuses* OR
  • At least 3 campuses are involved in the event through a combination of the above

*Note: If the only demonstrated cross-campus collaboration is in the form of financial/in-kind contributions, the Lecture Fund will generally award no more than the total contributions of the non-host campuses.

  • $200-$2,000 per event
  • No more than 75% of total event budget

  • In keeping with Five College Consortium policies, funds should not be used to pay for dinner, stipends, or honoraria for participating Five College faculty. 
  • We request that any honorarium payments for international visitors be processed by one of the contributing campuses, to which the funds would be transferred.
  • Please check with Ray Rennard or April Shandor if there are questions about eligible expenses.
  • Each of the campuses has a minor safety policy designed to protect youth and the campus community. If your program or event will involve under-18 minors, please consult your campus’ specific Minor Safety Policy to determine if your program falls within its scope.  Programs or events within policy scope must comply with the policy requirements to be eligible for FCI funding. Check here for events organized through one of the four colleges. Please direct any questions to the Five College Risk Management Office at riskmgmt@mtholyoke.edu. For information about UMass’s minor safety policy, check here.

  • Rolling. Please apply at least 4­ to 6 weeks before your event is scheduled to take place.

Applications should be sent by email to fcacademics@fivecolleges.edu. Submissions must include an application form and a detailed budget as an editable spreadsheet. You may also create your own editable spreadsheet as long as the same information is included.

Please see below for downloadable files:


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Ray Rennard, Director of Academic Programs