Submit Driver Credentials

By submitting your driver credentials you agree to the terms and conditions of the Driver Agreement. Please READ this agreement before proceeding.

  1. Access the on-line driver credentialing form, please visit the Five College ON-LINE DRIVER CREDENTIALING FORM (this link will open in a new tab/window). 
  2. Select the "Five College Student, Faculty, and Staff" log in.
  3. Select your college and enter your college user name and password.
  4. Complete the Driver Credentialing Form.

Within 30 days of submitting your Driver Credentialing form, underwriters will check your motor vehicle records against our minimum requirements. If you are approved, your driver credentials will be valid for one year. (Students may be subject to shorter periods based on individual Institution policies.)

If your record indicates that you do not meet minimum requirements, you will be contacted by Risk Management for a copy of your MVR (motor vehicle record) and your driver credentials will be suspended until the discrepancy is corrected or you meet minimum qualifications. Learn how to obtain a copy of your motor vehicle records.

If you do not have a Five College issued email address for the instituion under whose authority you are submitting credentials, please print this form, fill out clearly and completely and fax it to the Five College Compliance and Risk Managment Office, fax # 413-538-3031.