Damage to Personal Vehicles on College Property

The College does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal vehicle while it is parked or driven on college property. This includes loss or damage caused by falling ice or snow (whether the danger is posted or not), falling trees, limbs or other wind-blown objects; malicious mischief, vandalism or theft; damage caused to your vehicle because you hit College property, including curbs, barriers, speed-bumps or other objects; damage caused by towing or booting an illegally parked vehicle; damage caused by persons or vehicles unknown whether the possibility of such an event is warned against or not.

The College will be responsible for ‘at-fault’ accidents between its vehicles and personal vehicles. Should you be involved in an 'at-fault' accident, contact Campus Police to fill-out an accident report.

WARNING! Signs are posted near buildings to call attention to the potential of serious damage that falling snow and ice can cause. This photograph shows that not only is falling snow and ice dangerous to your vehicle, it can be dangerous to you as well.

If you choose to park in any location where "Caution: Sliding Snow" or similar signs are posted, be on the alert! If there is an accumulation of snow or ice on the roof, DO NOT PARK THERE. If it begins to snow heavily, move your car.