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Five Colleges announces expected spring PVTA bus service

Students at Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges, and UMass Amherst may choose from thousands of courses to take at any of the campuses, at no additional charge, with credits easily transferred. Supporting this resource is a bus service connecting the campuses, as well as the downtowns and shopping centers of the area. Students, faculty, and staff at Five College campuses may ride Five College buses for free during the academic year, and should be prepared to show their campus ID if asked. 

Expected Service on Five College Bus Routes for Spring 2022

The following is an update on expected bus service for the spring 2022 semester. Ongoing updates can be found on the bus page of the Five College website, and at

The B43 will be running between Smith, UMass, and Amherst, with stops at the Hampshire Mall in Hadley. It runs late into the evening and on weekends throughout the year, with a different schedule when school is not in session. 

The 38 will be running between UMass, Amherst, Hampshire and Mount Holyoke, operating late into the evening and on weekends. It is free to all when it runs, and it only runs during the academic year.

The 39E is an express run between Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges, operating during the day during the week when classes are in session. It is free and only available to riders with an ID from a Five College campus.

The R29 will be running between UMass and the City of Holyoke Transit Station, with stops at Amherst, Hampshire, and Mount Holyoke Colleges. It also has stops at the Holyoke Mall, and at Union Station in downtown Springfield. It runs during the day seven days a week, including when school is not in session.

Working to Restore Service Between Hampshire and Smith 

When it is running, the 39 travels between Smith and Hampshire, with evening stops at the Hampshire Mall. It is free to all riders, and only operates during the academic year. Facing unprecedented shortages of drivers for its routes throughout the region, PVTA had to suspend 39 service for the fall 2021 semester. Five Colleges is exploring options for either restoring the 39 or providing alternative service for the Spring 2022 semester, so that weekday, daytime bus service to support cross-registration will be available.

Anyone with questions about Five College area bus service should contact Kevin Kennedy,, 413-542-4017