Five College Statistics Program

“Distinguishing the signal from the noise requires both scientific knowledge and self-knowledge: the serenity to accept the things we cannot predict, the courage to predict the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”   - Nate Silver (Five Thirty Eight), The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail - But Some Don't

Statisticians now collaborate with the scientists generating the data to develop innovative new theory and methods to tackle problems never envisioned." Marie Davidian (North Carolina State University)

"Data is the sword of the 21st century, those who wield it well, the Samurai."
- Jonathan Rosenberg
  (former Google Inc. Senior Vice President)

The time to become statistically literate is now. The Five College Statistics Program was created in 2011 to enable statistics faculty members at the five campuses to coordinate and integrate resources to better serve our statistics and data science students.

Whether you want to take an introductory statistics or data science class or pursue elective course offerings, the Five Colleges has courses and programs of study just waiting for you.  There are undergraduate majors in statistics and data science at Smith, Mount Holyoke, and Amherst Colleges, undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of Massachusetts, and growth in faculty staffing and enrollments at all of the institutions that make up the Five Colleges.

On this site you can find resources including links to statistics courses at each school, statistics faculty on each campus, news and events, announcements and more.

The Five College Statistics Program is committed to fostering closer ties between the faculty members teaching statistics and facilitating additional curricular cooperation to continue the strong statistical presence in the Valley. The Five College Statisticians meet on a regular basis to coordinate activities and curricular offerings.

Five College Statistics Program Directors:

2011-2012: Katherine Halvorsen (Smith College)
2012-2015: Amy Wagaman (Amherst College)
2015-2017: Ben Baumer (Smith College)
2017-2018: Andrea Foulkes (Mount Holyoke College)
2018-2019: Nicholas Reich (University of Massachusetts/Amherst)
2019-2021: Nicholas Horton (Amherst College)